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filling the shower request from some-gay-femboy


Heeey everyone!! I’m back! Apperantly some of you missed me so sorrry <3.

Apperantly its valentines day but fuck that i got 2000 FOLLOWERSS YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to celebrate i did some toys in my FAVORITE outfit ever. Hope you enjoy, that dildo and plug make me feel SO full!

I lost my viriginity in that outfit, so i hope you enjoy and im trying to get some vids made with some peeps so HOPEFULLY :D.

Anyway, thanks for following me and everything guys <3 everyone you loved my stuff, commented, sent me messages and stuff that i love getting, people who reblogged and all that other stuff. Thanks, you are all very sexy :3


More stocking <3

These felt so good to make, im addicted to anal xD

Lemme know what ya like :3


i’m really trying to get loose enough to get more of my hand in


last pics from this photoshoot, if you take those two pictures in the same position you can flip back and forth 


My third GIF set right here;)

Enjoy… I did ;)

- amandatrapx


I haven’t posted much in a few days, but here’s a couple of pictures i’ve taken, but its been too hot for me to have much motivation lately


i was taking pictures of how much of my hand i can get in, it felt amazing and i really want someone to use my ass however they like